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«kybun light» sole unisex (3/7mm)

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Replacement insole and fiting
The «kybun light» insole (3/7mm) can be used as a substitute for the supplied insoles (5/10mm) in kybun shoes with Cirrus or Tropo soles. It also gives the foot a little more space in kybun shoes with Strato soles and is therefore suitable for narrow feet and to balance the fit.

Effect and application:
The elastic springy «kybun light» sole makes conventional shoes more comfortable, protects the joints a little better and also activates the muscles to a certain degree. It is used as an insole for conventional shoes with a removable insole. An insole like this, even with the best elastic springy properties, can only provide a small taste of the real kybun feeling.

The new «kybun light» sole is an ideal additional purchase for anyone who only has a limited number of kybun shoes in their collection, but do not want to miss out on the kybun feeling in a conventional shoe before they buy their next kybun shoe.

Item no.: DA008N
Available sizes: EU 34 1/3 - 49
Cover sole: Mesh
Material: PU

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