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kybun - healthy work in your home office

«Say goodbye to passive sitting and start active standing»

We all know it: Constant sitting while working is not healthy. The sit-stand workstation from kybun is the ideal solution for your ergonomic workplace at home. With the workstation, you can easily and quickly switch between standing and sitting, and the sleek design fits into any home. With no assembly necessary, the station is ready for immediate use and can be adjusted to the preferred height.

Combine the workstation for optimal effect with a kybun mat. The elastic springy mat ensures your body is permanently in a state of gentle motion. This strengthens your muscles, stimulates blood circulation, promotes an upright posture and relieves back tension. The trampoline effect of the kybun mat transforms standing into a pleasurable experience.

Visana Club offer: 20% discount on kybun mats (various models and colours) and kybun sit-stand workstations. Combine the kybun workstation with a kybun mat and save 30%. Say goodbye to passive sitting and start standing actively with this outstanding deal. The discount will be deducted during the checkout process, not in cart.

What makes the kybun mat stand out?

Long-lasting PU material Trampoline effect & instability Washable cover

  • exercises your muscles
  • relaxes your back
  • kind on the joints
  • improves posture
  • reduces fatigue