Osteoporosis: a silent disease


The solution: kybun shoes

We hear a lot, even from medical professionals, that bones need impacts to prevent bone density from decreasing. They argue with the "Wolff's Law" and reduce it to "impacts".

It's a pity, because bones don't need impact, which is always harmful, they need to be worked correctly. The bone gets more of this in a kybun shoe than in a normal shoe, because the kybun shoe is not just soft, it is also springy with a loaded rebound-effect.

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With elastic, springy movements (trampoline), the load on muscles, joints and therefore also on the bones increases

The same happens when walking in a kybun shoe. The loads are much more varied and intense than the mostly monotonous, damaging impacts in a normal shoe on flat ground.

Dr Schleip

Dr Robert Schleip

Human Biologist and Dipl-Psychologist, Lecturer and Author (Specialty - Fasciae Research)

«All connective tissue, tends to weaken and deteriorate when not subjected to enough exertion. For example, when an achilles tendon or an intervertebal disc is exposed to a healthy amount of stress within physiological limits, it becomes stronger, more stable, thicker, and less prone to damage.»

What makes kybun stand out?

Cushioning in the heel area
Perfect pressure distribution
Washable cover
Tireless PU material
Trampoline effect

Pain-free thanks to footwear

Arthrosis pain has been miraculously eliminated

Remo Pedron suffered from severe pain in his toes. The reason: osteoarthritis. He tried various ways to get rid of this condition. However, nothing really helped, until, by chance, he became aware of the kybun shoe. While shopping in a drugstore, the pensioner was waiting for his wife and this was when the air-cushion shoes on display aroused his interest. When he tried them, it was immediately clear to him that the elastic, springy sole could help him in everyday life. Today, he no longer feels the arthritis pain in his toe joint. He credits this miracle to the special footwear. Remo Pedron rarely needs any medication when walking. He strengthens his body with daily walks in the kybun shoe in the fresh air.

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