Innovative shoe premiere for diabetics


Study proves exceptional effects

Lack of exercise, in combination with excessive consumption of sugar and carbohydrates, makes people ill sooner or later. The process can only be stopped by a drastic change in lifestyle.

The kybun range of products are ideal both therapeutically and preventively for those who are affected.

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A shoe inspired by clinical research

This clinical trial was conducted in collaboration with the University of Tel Aviv and the Sheba Medical Center in Israel. The results (in English) clearly confirm the hypothesis that the pain of patients walking and standing in kybun shoes is less and the overall comfort is improved. It has also been shown that the pressure distribution on the sole of the foot is more even compared to conventional diabetes shoes, thus significantly reducing the risk of open wounds and pressure points.

kybun Vals
  • Seamless shaft optimally adapted to the foot
  • Velcro fastener for quick fitting
  • Perfect pressure distribution on your feet

Enormous relief of pressure points


The comparison on the foot pressure measuring plate - more even pressure distribution in the kybun shoe (right) compared to the conventional shoe.

Red areasExcessive pressure. Leads inevitably to chronic strain reactions over longer periods.

Yellow areasAverage pressure load. To avoid calluses, pressure points and provide relief.

Green areasBlue areasLow-pressure load. Foot soles are protected and put under less pressure.

The Vals Swiss air-cushion shoe

We present to you the kybun Vals for Women & Men

The inventor and founder of kybun, Karl Müller and the doctor Dr. Wolfgang Laube talk about the advantages of the diabetes shoe from kybun.

The kybun miracle shoe

Dijana Dakovic from Switzerland, suffers from multiple sclerosis

This affects her vision, sense of balance and locomotor system. Croatian-born Dakovic can only walk in conventional shoes with the aid of a walking stick. When she first tried on the kybun shoe, she instantly felt that it was something special. The air-cushion interior of this Swiss shoe helps her walk straight and reduces her pain. After taking just a few steps, the MS sufferer was able to set her walking stick aside.

Important information about Diabetes

Lack of exercise, in combination with excessive consumption of sugar and carbohydrates, has a detrimental effect on the body, sooner or later. The process can be managed and improved by a drastic change in lifestyle.

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